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Ok, now be honest, you know you want to show off your "Big Ole 'Maters" to your neighbors and fellow gardeners. I mean drop dead. put 'em in their place showing off. It's what they call in the south, "braggin' rights." And if those "big 'uns" happen to taste truly spectacular, all the better, right?

I grew up in the south and that is what we called the huge fruits that cover a whole slice of bread and make the best BLTs or just plain 'mater sandwiches in the world. You know, the ones where you need to slather on the Duke's Mayo on homemade white bread and then eat them over the kitchen sink while the juice runs down your chin?

My customers are always searching for and asking me for more large fruited tomatoes, and I aim to please. I have truly searched high and low for even bigger, and better tasting tomatoes for you to grow, eat and enjoy. I am pleased to report I really lucked out this season! I got my original seed stock on some amazing humongous southern heirlooms, from a seed saver who specialized in them .

Plus, I was able to find a few other foreign and domestic varieties that I had not been aware of and I wager you didn't know about either. I put together on this page all my other selections that I have carried that fit that description of "just plain big and that's a fact jack."

I do declare that Amishland Heirloom Seeds is now your best source of seeds for huge and delicious tomatoes!

Please choose from these monster tomatoes, all weighing in at ONE POUND UP TO 2+ POUNDS! It will be hard to choose, so pick up a few - they are all that impressive.  Just take a gander at these photos, they will speak louder than words.


All seed packs are $3.00 each


click to see fullsized photo**NEW FOR 2018**~ SHIRLEY TOMATO ~aka Shirley S. Tomato~ Genuine Lancaster County Pennsylvania Amish Heirloom ~LIMITED QUANTITY OF SEEDS-ORDER EARLY !

I was thrilled to be the recipient of a gift of the original seed of the rare tomato from my wonderful customer R.B. Growing on a not-very-large Potato Leafed plants, this was a huge surprise. I had no idea what to expect as I had only the name. A bit later in the season, but it kept on pumping out just flawless humongous fruits. Gorgeous, deep pink fruits were solid and meaty with very few seeds hence the limited quantity. Most of these lovely tomatoes sized up to 1-1/2 to 2 pounds (lbs)! I swear the plants could barely bear the weight. Just outstanding delicious sweet flavor. (First named after the British "gardening sparkplug" Shirley Spooner and I have no idea why.)

The story goes that the seed was said to have been a wedding present to the Amish farmer's great grandmother, so it has been around a long time. And for good reason. Be the first to try this stupendous big pink beauty in your own garden.


click to see fullsized photo**NEW FOR 2018** SAKHARNY PUDOVICHOK -
translates loosely from Russian as "SUGAR POUNDER" - Hard to Find

This was the surprise tomato of the season for me! A gift of these original seeds came from R.B., a generous customer with good connections in the tomato world. I had no idea how huge the fruits would get. Yes, it was a bit later in the season, but check out this photo. The rather short vines threw out monster, mostly double fruits so heavy the plant could hardly bear them and I had to make little "hammocks" to keep them off the ground.

After some research on the name, I found out the name loosely translates to "Sugar Pounder" or "Ton of Sugar" in English. Tatiana Kouchnareva had this say about the name: "I am not quite sure how 'Pudovichok' translates into English ('Pud', from which 'pudovichok' word was derived, is an old and now obsolete Russian measure of weight which is equal to 40 pounds). Another possible translation is 'Ton of Sugar', that assumes that 'Pud' is an equivalent of English 'ton' used in phrases like this box weighs a ton".

These fruits weighed in at over 2 pounds or more each! And true to their name they were certainly very sweet and juicy. You will not be disappointed with these great Russian monsters. I am putting them also on my "Big Ole 'Mater" page as well because you will definitely have "braggin' rights" with these. Lovely red coloration but looks pink in the interior flesh when cut open. I highly recommend Sakharny Pudovichok for it size and ability to take the heat and drought that I had in Amishland this summer.

P.S. If you like sweet tomatoes, be sure to look at the other "sugar" tomatoes from Russia I grew out this season: "White Sugar" and "Brown sugar".


click to see fullsized photo click to see fullsized photo**BACK FOR 2018!** SUMMER CIDER APRICOT TOMATO ~

I am a huge fan of Tom Wagner, the amazing breeder of this and many of my other favorite tomatoes. Tom Wagner originally called this "Apple Butter" when he developed it. He told me in one of our phone conversations that the Dutch breeder K. Sahin, (Zaden B.V., Netherlands), invited him to meet with them in the Netherlands. He went and was wined and dined but in the end they used his tomato, changed the name, and introduced it to the trade as "Summer Cider" in 1998. Tom also told me that they did the same with a few of his other breeding masterpieces. He was very disinheartened. I just want the world to know the true story behind this great tomato.

**Here is an interview with Tom Wagner published in the
March 2012 issue of Grow Northwest magazine.  **

At any rate, this was the loveliest and most unusual coloration I have seen in a tomato in quite some time. Even the poetic name did justice to its beauty. It truly was the color of apricots. Huge, beefsteak-sized type fruit grew on massive, strong, potato leaf foliage vines. Very large, easily exceeding one pound or more. The fruit was incredibly tasty, mild and sweet. Nice creamy texture. The interior is the same exact color as the apricot orange exterior. It was super juicy and looked just like freshly squeezed orange juice inside. But still meaty, an unusual combination. "Summer Cider" is starting to take over the winner's circle in tomato taste tests all over the country. Even people reluctant to eat any non-red tomato loved this tomato.

This variety was quite early considering its very large size of 1-1/2 pound or more. This season it was my second largest tomato of all, consistently. The size and taste of these whoppers instilled almost religious ferver in my "official tomato taste taster" Dave D. Here is what he had to say, "OMG! I think I have died and gone to Heaven!" And on other days, "Killer good! Tomato in your face good! Thats what tomatoes are all about!" and "Best tomato sauce you will ever make" and "I expected these to be bland 'cause of the color but WOW!"

Yep, he loved Summer cider and so will you , that is a promise.


click to see fullsized photo**BACK FOR 2018 **AMISH ORANGE SHERBET HEIRLOOM TOMATO -
EXCLUSIVE! Only source! Order Early! HUGE AND SWEET

This was the surprise tomato of my summer a few years back. I was given one unnamed "mystery" plant from a friend, who got the seeds from her Amish farming neighbor in Narvon, Lancaster County, PA. I had no idea what would grow. It was a huge, indeterminate, strong vine, with the most beautiful, perfect pale apricot orange beefsteak type tomatoes. They are the exact color of Orange Sherbet or a Creamsicle. Very large and sweet and mild flavored.

This summer the gorgeous fruits came in very early and kept up all season long. Plus, they kept on pumping out these sublime beauties until hard frost in late November here in my Zone 6A garden. Since they came with no name I just called them what they looked and tasted like. You will love these beauties. Very few cracks or "catfacing" for such a large heirloom tomato. Fruits range from 1/2 to 1 POUND lb or more each. Try these and be the first in your area to eat them. You will love them. Low acid. They always sell out early.ORDER EARLY! INCREASED SEED COUNT!

ONE PACK = 20 of my own fresh organically grown seeds

click to see fullsized photo **BACK FOR 2018** GRANDMA JOSIE'S AMISH WHITE TOMATO ~ EXCLUSIVE- Only USA Commercial Seed Source!-GENUINE AMISH HEIRLOOM~

90+ days in Zone 6A- I got the original seeds for this fabulous Amish Heirloom in a seed trade with my tomato collector friend, N.M. This genuine Amish heirloom tomato hails from Virginia. This very rare tomato was an outstanding addition to my Amish seed collection, and my absolutely favorite tomato I grew out this season.

Despite way too much rain and unseasonably cold temperatures this season here in Amishland, Grandma Josie's Amish White out outperformed all my other large beefsteak varieties. It grew huge 1 pound (lb) or more fruit. A bit later to ripen, it was well worth the wait. It now supersedes my previous favorite white tomato, my rare "Fantome du Laos." Monster fruit were each positively perfect despite their very large size. They had no brown spots or cracking that the white tomatoes are prone to get. Each fruit was luscious and oh so pretty with a very slight pink color on the blossom end on only a few larger specimens. Most of the fruits were a solid white color. The interior was very firm, solid and quite meaty. There was virtually no jel (gel) and very few seeds. Good for you - bad for a seed saver such as myself. Just perfect monster slicers with great flavor but still very low acid. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only commercial seed source of these seeds.

ONE PACK - 10 of my own organically grown seeds

click to see fullsized photo **BACK FOR 2018** “PURPLE DOG CREEK TOMATO"- KY HEIRLOOM

This super big deep pink tomato was the biggest surprise of the season. Not only are they huge and everything wonderful in a tomato, but there is also truly heartwarming story about where they came from. This tale is what makes hunting for heirlooms such fun.

"Purple Dog Creek" is a very rare family heirloom tomato from the tiny community of Dog Creek near Munfordville, in Hart County, Kentucky. At a picnic supper given for a Martinsburg, West Virginia preacher and members of his church, these were served as a "thank you" gift. They had gone there to help do some home improvements for the low income elderly people in that area. The tomatoes were such a hit that the preacher asked if anyone had seeds to share. One of the men at the church supper said he had grown those tomatoes and he went home to fetch the seeds. He gave those seeds to this preacher. They were then passed along to a friend of someone in his WV congregation who had heard about the Dog Creek charity work. And they continued to be passed along until I received them from my late southern tomato collector friend, Norwood Meiners, who spoke of them with awe.

They are without a doubt one of the best big pinks I have ever had the privilege to eat. And trust me, I have eaten my share of wonderful big pink fruits. Indescribably delicious, I can't come up with enough superlatives to cover their taste. Meaty and lovely and oh so large. Complex blend of sweetness with a deep purplish pink hue. (I am sorry that my photos don't do justice their color, my camera tends not to get the purple/pink range of colors decently). These fruits were 1 pound (lb) or more. I can't suggest a new-to-me heirloom tomato with higher regard. ~ SCARCE ~ Limited Quantities ~Order Early !


click to see fullsized photo click to see fullsized photo BACK FOR 2018! ~ PAW PAW TOMATO - Big and Bountiful ~

Heirloom from Paw Paw, (Morgan County) West Virginia ~ I received my seeds to this outstanding bi-colored heirloom tomato, posthumously from my dear southern tomato collector friend, Norwood Meiners. Norwood has been mentioned quite a bit on my Amishland Heirloom Seeds website. He was a serious collector of rare tomatoes, vegetables, flowers and many other nearly extinct plants. He was a skilled gardener, chef and master of old time crafts.

He passed away a few years ago and the world lost one of its most talented and eccentric fellows. Norwood was born and bred in rural Louisiana but went on to get a University education. But his love of all things historic was what made him so fascinating. He could shoot a deer with a homemade bow, or a black powder antique long rifle. He'd then skin and gut it and proceed to tan the hide the old fashioned way using the deer brains. He then sewed the most exquisite and authentic buckskin outfits, and hand painted and beaded them, too.

His amazing collection of antique trade beads was one of the best in the country. There was pretty much nothing he hadn't mastered from the outdoor life of the late 1700's to the mid 1800's. He demonstrated all these skills at many a rendevous, the term used for historic encampments usually of the period of the War of 1812. He was as modest as he was talented. And only those who knew him from this lifestyle had any idea this quiet, mild mannered southern gentleman had this side.

I met him through my seeds and over the years he graciously shared many rare and impossible-to-find seeds, mostly tomatoes. His personal tomato seed collection consisted of more than 350 kinds. After his death his sister sent me a few of his prized tomato seeds and Paw Paw was one. Great southern history on this one. These seeds were originally saved by Randy Sine, who got it from his friend, James "Spud" Raney who sells tomato seeds through the WV Market Bulletin (market bulletins are the southern "old timey" way to trade and sell seeds and plants (see Gardening for Love -The Market Bulletins by Elizabeth Lawrence for some charming tales of how they enrich southern gardener's lives).

Sometimes a customer would send him seeds. Such is the case with Paw Paw. James "Spud" Raney, got the seed from a customer of his in Paw Paw (Morgan County) West Virginia who sent only 12 seeds, 6 of which Spud gave to Randy Sine.The customer said: "it is an old German yellow tomato that we've grown around here for over 80 years." While similar, it does not appear to be exactly like "Old German" or "German Yellow" which it looks similar to.

Paw Paw trees grow in wet shady places often on the edge of woods. I have, as they say down south, "a whole slew" of these pretty trees mostly growing beside my cottage. I never get to eat the wonderful custard like fruit as the coons always steal them first.

My Paw Paw tomatoes were even happier this hot dry summer. I guess it missed its southern upbringing. This was one of the very first tomatoes to ripen at 1-2 pounds each. They kept on pumping out these huge beefsteak sized fruit all the way to November! Sublime sweet juicy flesh and and gorgeous good looks to boot. Sliced on a plate they are swirling with yellow and red streaks. Borne on sturdy plants about 5 feet high with thick heavy stems. Boy they needed that as each plant was holding up to 40 or more pounds of fruit at any given time!

Be sure to order this scarce tomato early as I am sure everyone with want these prolific tomatoes with the sweetest taste yet. Despite its rareness, I can offer so many seeds this year since I had such record breaker bumper crop.

ONE PACK = 20 of my own fresh organically grown seeds.

click to see fullsized photoclick to see fullsized photo**BACK FOR 2018** CHOCOLATE MIRACLE TOMATO ~ aka SHOKOLAD CHUDO TOMATNYY ~Limited Quantities- Order Early

As Albert Einstein said, "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." I believe everything is a miracle. And Miracle of Miracles! A tomato even MORE WONDERFUL than my legendary "Chocolate Amazon/Amazon Chocolate Tomato" (please see the Belarusian/Ukrainian/Russian tomato page for details, 3/4 of the way down page)

You know that phrase death by chocolate? Yep, that is what everyone wanted—to just die and go to heaven eating Chocolate Miracle Tomato. This is another spectacular black/chocolate brown Russian tomato! I don't think even my thesaurus can give me enough adjectives to describe the deeply chocolately sweet, rich, flavor of this beauty. Ok, miraculous for starters, swell, dandy, terrific, amazing, astounding ... you get the picture!

Huge fruit nearly double the size of Amazon Chocolate. Perfect oblate tomatoes, each one flawless. I never grew such large beefsteaks that remained so perfect. They started out very deep, brick red/brown in color and later in the season they got more milk chocolate in color. The plants weren't large, about  3-1/2 to 4 feet at most, but watch out for that heavy crop of MONSTER SIZED fruits! Weighing in at 1-1/2 to 2 pounds each, they never stopped pumping out. And they certainly out produced my personal favorite "Chocolate Amazon," which I also grew out this summer. Well, they outgrew all my other large fruited tomatoes this summer.

But what you want to really know is how yummy, to-die-for delicious they are? When I gave out slices for my summer taste tests, the looks of pure bliss on everyone's faces just said it all. I should have taken photos of those smiles. This was the all out winner of this and many a year's taste tests. It difficult to put into words that wine-like richness and the smooth creamy texture.  The Russians prefer to eat theirs a bit more underripe while they are slightly greenish. I prefer them sweetly soft.

To the best of my knowledge I am only one of two commercial sources of Chocolate Miracle Tomato in the USA. Limited Quantities- Order Early


click to see fullsized photo~ CLAUDE BROWN'S YELLOW GIANT TOMATO -aka "Brown's Yellow Giant Tomato"~ Kentucky Heirloom ~

Weighing in at 3 POUNDS each, these are truly the kings of "Big Ole 'Maters" bar none.  I have raised over 120 kinds of heirloom tomatoes and none were even close to these monsters in size and weight! Take a look at those photos! I had as many as 5 at a time of these giant 2-1/2 to 3 lb.  fruits on each plant! So heavy they very nearly took down the whole vine! Yep, if you want to win on braggin' rights for biggest fruit, this is the one to raise. click to see fullsized photo

Stunning deep yellow turning to a nearly pale orange sherbet color when fully ripe. And perfect! Each fruit stayed lovely and just kept growing with no cracking, catfacing or spots or anything that usually plagues the big fruited 'maters. Claude Brown grew and improved this tomato in Pike county, Kentucky for decades. They don't get any lovelier or more productive than "Claude Brown's big ole yeller," as we called it. Sweet and tasting of tropical fruit. I guarantee this "big 'un" will put all the other tomatoes you or your neighbors grow to shame in both flavor and size! click to see fullsized photo

A bit later, it sized up in mid summer and kept on pumping them out until late October. Win those biggest tomato contests at your local fair and also all the taste tests, too, while you are at it.

ONE PACK - 10 of my own fresh organically grown seeds

click to see fullsized photo ~ MADISON COUNTY PINK TOMATO ~ Kentucky Heirloom ~

Here's another great southern big pink tomato. I just love big pink tomatoes and they are always my favorites taste wise, for just plain good sandwich eating. And that's a southern tomato sandwich, you smother some homemade white bread with Duke's mayonnaise-(family recipe -made since 1917- still tastes like mayo used to) and slice those babies up in 1/2 inch slices and slap them on the bread. Don't bother with a plate, 'coz ya'll need to eat it over the sink since it’s so juicy and messy running down your chin.

This tomato hails from the Poosey Ridge and Kirksville areas of Madison County Kentucky. It’s been around for over 100 years and with good reason. It is super prolific and stays full sized right up until hard frost. These are solid, heavy, and meaty with that “old time" taste you remember, like what your grandparents used to grow. It is a perfect all-round-do-anything-with-it kind of tomato, although I like it best in sandwiches. Eat these and you are gonna slide back to your childhood if you are southern or wish you had had that childhood if you aren't.

ONE PACK - 15 fresh organically grown seeds

click to see fullsized photo ~ KENTUCKY VIVA WHITE TOMATO ~ aka "Yellow White," "Mrs. Lindsey," "Viva Lindsey's Kentucky Heirloom," "Viva's Lindsey’s Wedding"

Harold Martin of Hopkinsville, KY says he's the original source and describes it as an excellent late Fall tomato. (Although my plants started making big ole' white ’maters by mid-August when this photo was taken.) It was a wedding present from the Martin family in 1904. Giving seeds as wedding gifts to give them a start in their new life was a tradition often used with newlyweds at that time. (See my "Nebraska Wedding" description for more on this custom.) This great white has been grown by Viva Lindsey's family for 100 years.

This is a little known treasure of a tomato and difficult to find. Huge ivory to white fruit, turning pale yellow when very ripe. It sometimes has a pink blush on the bottom. Oh so sweet flavor is mild and light. Ky Viva White fruit can grow to more than a pound and up to 4+ inches across, although like many white types it does not keep well when picked. I’m a huge fan of all the white tomatoes and sell quite a few types, but this was a real joy to have found. It's best eaten right off the vine in your garden. Like the gal I got the seeds from said: “Just take a spoon and eat it like dessert!"

ONE PACK 15 Fresh organically grown seeds

click to see fullsized photo ~ HEGE GERMAN PINK TOMATO North Carolina Heirloom ~

It doesn't get any better than this if you want a huge pink tomato that tastes spectacular! Very early for such big fruits but their shapes were all over the place with the largest getting to be 1 lb. or more. This was my fourth to ripen tomato and the largest fruited one at that early time of the season. Smooth, creamy and solid fruits. The skinny vines could barely hold all the fruits! Very deep purple pink color and meaty and just plain wonderful. All that you want in a good slicer. Made super BLTs but hey, just on their own with some Duke's Mayo (a local southern brand) on white bread they were perfect too.

Mr. Hege, known as L.E, evidently grew thousands of seedlings of this tomato and sold them in the farmer's markets near his home in Welcome, North Carolina (don’t you just love that town name?) in Davidson county. He'd put them out and visitors to the markets always sought out his plants because of the taste and quality. Mr. Hege passed away in 2008 at age 86. So continue his long tomato legacy and grow your own. You won't be disappointed, I guarantee it.

ONE PACK - 20 fresh organically grown seeds

click to see fullsized photo STRAWBERRY MARGARITA TOMATO ~

I got my original seeds from my late, great, tomato collector friend, Norwood Meiners. He got his seed stock from his tomato collector buddy Neil Lockhart of Oblong, Illinois. Neil got his original seeds via from Brian Sanders, Midwest City, Oklahoma, who received this variety from Jesus Carpio of Durango, Mexico. So this stupendous tomato has really travelled a lot. Norwood highly recommended Strawberry Margarita tomato and now that I have grown it out, I know why. Just a fabulous large beefsteak type. It has outstanding and complex flavor! Very pretty brilliant shiny red fruits. Most were ruffled but some were much smoother. There was a fair amount of variance in size and shape even on one plant. Very meaty and juicy and just great to make salsa. And salsa is so appropriate considering its Mexican origins. The fruits got bigger as the season progressed, starting out in the 10 ounce range and getting in the 1 pound or more sizes later on. Yep, I say get out your tequila, make some super salsa and toast this great Mexican heirloom!

ONE PACK = 15 of my own fresh organically grown seeds

click to see fullsized photo ~ WEISNICHT'S UKRAINIAN TOMATO ~ Tomato Auto Red

When I bought my 1997 bright red Pontiac Grand Am GT, my friend Debby immediately christened it "The Tomato Auto" since I grow and sell over 100 kinds of tomato seeds. Well, Weissnicht's Ukrainian Tomato was EXACTLY the same color red, so I just had to photograph one of the monster fruits on my car to show you! click to see fullsized photo

This was a wonderful discovery. A shortish potato leafed plants threw out scads of huge fruit from mid-summer onward, to hard frost. It just never stopped pumping out perfect 1 pound or more, gorgeous pinkish-red tomatoes. Not a one cracked or showed any signs of anything but being beautiful.

But wait, who cares how pretty and large it is, (or how it matches my car)? What about taste? It has a very complex taste that starts out tangy and finishes sweet all at the same time. Full old fashioned tomato flavor, but not like anything you have ever tasted. Weisnicht's beat out just about all my other tomatoes in taste tests this summer. Not a whole lot of history on this one. Scott Weisnicht of Waupun Wisconsin had the seed originally. I don't know what the Ukrainian connection is. But I promise you are gonna love this, very scarce and hard to find. Fruits have very few seeds too. So I can't offer big amounts yet, but you can bet I will grow this one in my garden forever now. To my knowledge I am one of only 2 commercial sources of this seed.

ONE PACK = 15 of my own fresh organically grown seeds

click to see fullsized photo ~ BUTLER SKINNER TOMATO ~ Pink Kentucky Heirloom ~

This big traditional sandwich tomato hails from Winchester, Clark County, Kentucky. Butler Skinner was the local Clark County jailer and an organic gardener who grew this tomato in front of the jail in the 1960s and 1970s. He first got his seed in 1948. Mr. Skinner gave out these seeds, plants and fruits as “political gifts" when he was campaigning for office. The Skinner family is still growing this tomato.

Butler Skinner Tomato shoots out scads of lovely dark purpley pink, sweet, fruit. The taste was perfectly balanced. The fruits in my garden were all 1/2 lb. up to 1 lb. This tomato tended to have a big variance in shape and size. It was rather a late season tomato here Amishland in my zone 6a garden. Just a great southern heirloom and another one worthy of the “Big Ole 'Mater" title.

ONE PACK -15 of my own organically grown seeds

click to see fullsized photo ~ "RED YELLOW" TOMATO ~ Kentucky Heirloom ~

This beauty is a family heirloom tomato from Napfor Hollow, Kentucky. Such a boring name for such a fabulous tomato .It was a super mid-season grower with strong, sturdy, and very vigorous vines. The prolific fruit was amazingly lovely, mostly yellow with streaks of red through it. I forgot to take a photo of a "Red Yellow" cut open to show you the gorgeous marbled interior. This tomato qualified for my “Big Ole 'Mater" page since the fruits were a minimum of 1 POUND each. And it kept pumping out those whoppers all season until the end of October, with 5 or more pounders at any given time on each plant!

Very pretty with virtually no cracking that the big tomatoes are prone to. An interesting taste sensation since the fruits were citrusy sweet with a complex hard to describe flavor. Ok, PERFECT would be a good description! Just a super slicer for stunning sandwiches. I have a special fondness for the big “striped “sorts and this was a wonderful and surprising addition to my offerings. I think the photos speak for themselves more than I can say.

ONE PACK = 20 of my own fresh organically grown seeds

click to see fullsized photo**BACK FOR 2018!** ~ BLACK MOUNTAIN PINK TOMATO
Kentucky Heirloom Tomato~

This huge deep rose pink tomato is another winner for my new “Big Ole 'Maters" page. Just immense, dense, heavy fruit that takes a while to size up but well worth the wait. Juicy, creamy sweet and meaty fruits- what more can you ask for in a slicer? One slice will cover a whole slice of bread. Just be sure to eat that tomato sandwich over a sink, it’s that juicy but, man alive, such fine eating! All my taste tester friends (and you can guess they all volunteered to eat those tomatoes for me) this summer declared it "outstanding in the field ", get it? Honestly, Black Mountain Pink really came through as a fabulous “Big Ole 'Mater" for sure for all the right reasons. These beefsteak type fruits sized up to nearly 2 POUNDS! All were, at the very least, 1 pound. The history is that these dark pink tomatoes were found growing on an abandoned homestead in the Black Mountain area of Harlan County, Kentucky around 1933. So who knows how long they were grown before that? I guarantee you will love this old time pink. And show off to all your neighbors in both size and taste. Personally I don't think you can beat the old southern pinks. And Black Mountain Pink is at the top of that list.


click to see fullsized photo PINEAPPLE TOMATO - BI-COLOR HEIRLOOM
LARGER FRUIT -Increased Seed Count!

click to see fullsized photo

This was a banner year for all my tomatoes in my garden and the always large "Pineapple Tomato" didn't disappoint. It was even more huge than ever! This is an heirloom tomato that I was told hails originally from Kentucky. Wow, what a great tomato! This baby pumped out immense quantities of huge fruit. They were all at 1 pound minimum, with many up to 2 pounds. I always said my "Hawaiian Pineapple" was my second largest type I have grown (with my famous "Gigantesque Ukrainian" being the heaviest and largest). Check out the ruler in the one photo. "Pineapple Tomato" probably ties for second place. A little later to ripen in the season but they kept on producing these HUGE  fruit until November!

click to see fullsized photo

The largest fruit in these photos was taken on October 3!  They were all easily over 1-1/2 pounds, and 5-6 inches across! How's that for staying power? And the taste! Did I mention taste? It is fruity, and so sweet and juicy. Cut one open, and see the psychedelic swirls of red, yellow, gold and pink. Truly one of the most beautiful tomatoes you will ever see. This heirloom tomato really impressed me and I have always had a special fondness for all the striped, bi-color tomatoes and have grown many types (as you can see by all the ones already on my website). Be sure to add this one to your order, I guarantee you will thank me next season.

ONE PACK - 20 fresh organically grown seeds.


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