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Welcome fellow home gardeners! I created this website, Amishland Heirloom Seeds, about 11 years ago in order to share with you my own heirloom, heritage, exotic and foreign organically raised seeds. All OF MY SEEDS COME FROM MY VERY OWN PLANTS - I NEVER SELL OR WILL SELL ANYONE ELSE'S SEED. They are only my very own hand-grown, hand-selected seed. However, due to space concerns, all of my rare and heirloom melon and bean seeds were grown out for me by my dear late friend, Cliff (please see "In Memorium" about Cliff).

Cliff farmed in the Pacific Northwest. He had a particular interest in rare and nearly extinct beans of many varieties and the nearly impossible to find old fashioned watermelons, muskmelons, cantaloupes and honeydews. We both shared the same love of old fashioned heirloom seeds.

I have been growing my own organically raised seeds from plants on my 2-1/2 acre farm for a little over six growing seasons now. Not only am I the sole owner of Amishland Heirloom Seeds but I am the only employee of my unique seed company with no other human or mechanical help (except Cliff of course).  When I say I do it by hand, I am not kidding. I have a spade, shovel and my usually-aching-back! I am very proud of what I have been able to accomplish in just a few short years here in "Pennsylvania Dutch" country, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

I specialize in rare varieties grown in my local area since the 1700s by the farmers who settled in the rich central Pennsylvania farmland where I live. These seeds, mostly vegetables and flowers, have been cultivated for generations by my Pennsylvania neighbors. I live surrounded by Old Order Amish, Old Order Mennonite, and Pennsylvania German farm families on their multi-generational farms. (Old Order means they farm with horses or mules and use horse drawn buggies and wagons; no cars, no tractors, etc.) You cannot find many of these historic, rare heirlooms anywhere but here at Amishland Heirloom Seeds.

Besides my local heirlooms, I also offer rare colored, unusual, landrace, exotic, and foreign seeds from around the world. I have a growing collection of rare tomatoes from Belarus/Russia/Ukraine and some from former Soviet Bloc nations. Many of my seed offerings are exclusive to the United States.

I have traveled extensively to 38 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, South and North America. I lived in the Himalayan Mountains in Kashmir, India, for more than two years. I have also lived and worked in Panama, Israel, Seychelles Islands, and Sri Lanka. I will try to share some of my personal stories of how the rest of the world grows their food and what they really eat. I have since traded seeds with a host of dedicated fellow gardeners and seed savers from around the world. 

To my knowledge, I am only one of a very few seed companies in the United States that truly grows ALL of their own seed stock, which means I may, by necessity, have limited quantities of some of my offerings. There is a movement now in the gardening world to go back to locally, hand grown and selected seeds, not ones sourced by huge multinational companies that often are affiliated with chemical companies or produce and sell GMO seed (genetically modified organism). I absolutely can guarantee that since Cliff and I grow out all my own open pollinated seeds from our own plants that you can rest assured that they are healthy and safe seeds with no genetic modification ( no GMOs).

I grow all my own plants using safe, proven organic methods, I never use poisons, pesticides or any non-organic material on my plants. I use only products that are nationally certified for organic growers. I am not able to be certified organic since the cost is prohibitive in my state for a small business such as mine. 

I save all of my seeds strictly following Susan Ashworth's methods outlined in her fabulous Bible of seed saving, "Seed to Seed." I also follow her detailed instructions for isolating plants for maximum seed purity (so the plants will not be crossed in any way).

I have signed the "SAFE SEED PLEDGE" which states that I will never knowingly sell genetically modified, or "Terminator Technology" seeds. That means NO GMO SEEDS EVER! Because I grow absolutely all of my own plants for all the seeds I sell, however, this will not be a worry for all of my gardening friends. These are ONLY my own seeds, and absolutely none come from any commercial source. 

I only grow open-pollinated varieties of plants that have stood the test of time. I take all my own photographs of only my plants. Cliff, out west, was a very gifted photographer, who took all of his own lovely photos of his melons, vegetables, flowers and beans. I never use any enhancements or computer generated "gizmos" to make the photos look better or different. What you see is what I actually grew out. Cliff's photos were done according to his ability to take them during the growing season. So you will see outdoor shots and also indoor shots often artistically arranged with fine china. I have copyrighted all of my photos and all of my own copy and descriptions. I trust you will ask permission from me if you need to make a copy for your own growing records. Kindly read my "Terms and Conditions" page regarding copyright infringement.


Since I worked for years at an 18th century Pennsylvania German Living History Museum, I particularly treasure the history and stories that go with each plant. I carefully research and document as much information and history as I am able to find for each variety of seed I sell. Therefore, you will learn so much more here than from other seed sellers about the varieties of vegetables, fruits and flowers I sell. I feel it is very important to keep the stories and the family histories behind the plants alive, as well as ensuring their rich heritage by planting, growing and actually eating them.

I  also offer you my own personal tried and true Seed Starting and Growing Tips.You may be surprised by some of my tips, but I promise you will have a great deal more success starting and growing your seedlings. 

I do much painstaking book research, not just internet searches like others. You should see my library of antique and out-of-print farming and gardening books and old and antique seed catalogues. But, most of all, I have learned from those gardener friends older and wiser than myself. They are truly an inspiration.

I want you to be able to grow and savor the wonderful taste of old fashioned, heirloom vegetables, which were grown for eating quality and taste, not just for looks and shipping ability like today's hybrid commercial vegetables and fruits. I want you to have the garden of your dreams. Now you will be able to savor the delicious flavors, that our ancestors took for granted, that are so lacking in most of today's modern, hybrid and genetically altered vegetables and fruits. You may see colors and shapes that you never imagined or knew existed, all in my old time or exotic heirloom varieties. Please see my "New Varieties for 2018" page for a quick overview of my new offerings and where to find them on my website.

I am sorry, but due to the high cost of printing, and postage, this is an internet only seed business. I do not offer a printed catalogue. My entire stock of seeds for sale is listed on these pages of my website.

I truly believe every gardener should have the chance to experience the past, and to literally travel all over the world by growing Amishland Heirloom Seeds' rare vegetable, melon and flower seeds. 2018