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click to see fullsized photo click to see fullsized photo**NEW FOR 2018** ~ YELLOW FIRE TOMATO ~ Dual purpose-

"Wow, light my fire!" was what I said when I first saw these beauties ripen. Flamboyant, swirling oranges, yellows and reds really gets your heart pumping. You just can't wait to pick these luscious beauties and make unreal sauces. Plus, sliced on a plate they stun you with their intensity. Very few seeds and super sweet without being bland. Can you tell I love them? So, light your fire or grill and get cooking and slicing. Prepare for a fiery finish of beauty.


click to see fullsized photo**NEW FOR 2018** ~ FEDERLE TOMATO ~
Great for Cooking, Sauce and Salsa ~ West Virginia heirloom

Yet another of those strangely wonderful pointy paste types that I so cherish . Federle grew 7 inch plus long banana shaped red fruit. R. W. Richardson of New York introduced this variety in 1991. He had obtained the tomato through a seed swap with a gardener from West Virginia. This paste type had few seeds and full rich flavor that you treasure when you are making tomato sauce. It also suits itself well for salsa. Fruits weigh in at 7 to 10 oz ( ounces). If you cook a lot then be sure to add Federle to your repertoire.


click to see fullsized photo**NEW FOR 2018** ~ LONDON GROVE TOMATO ~ Very RARE!

Heirloom Canning Paste Type -A very old and rare Quaker heirloom tomato from Chester County, PA. They are a nice, meaty red tomato with very few seeds. Just enough juiciness for flavor but cooks down well. Fruits grew all season long on short plants about 4-feet tall. Fantastic for canning and cooking. Fabulous flavor, a real gem. Fruits are 5-inches long.


click to see fullsized photo**NEW FOR 2018** ~ RICHARD TOMATO ~
Exclusive ~ ONLY SOURCE!

Local Lancaster County family heirloom. Richard was a resident of Manheim in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where he lived and raised these blocky red beauties his whole life. When he passed away his daughter shared his beloved seeds with the Manheim FFA (Future Farmers of America) and that is where I acquired them. The plants didn't get all that tall and were fairly early. They produced the entire season, being just about my earliest fruit and maintaining slightly pear shaped red fruits consistently. Heavy, solid and suitable for sandwiches and salads, but the thick flesh was really great for cooking. Be the first to grow this delicious exclusive PA German heirloom where you live.


**NEW FOR 2018** ~ AMOS COLI TOMATO ~ Mama Mia! Get out those spaghetti pots! ~ Huge sauce/cooking tomato

Mama Mia! If you like to cook up luscious tomato sauce in big batches, then this is the tomato for you. Amos Conti has very heavy and large fruit. And grows on very long vines and keeps it up all season long, although starting a bit later. But then again you need a bit more time to get fruit this big. MY official tomato taste tester, Dave D. had this to say: "Amos is not a miss but a hit"- get it?. He added, "Just a great paste tomato, the Italian world would kill for this tomato."

I got scads of fruit, heavy and huge - like 1/2-pound or more huge! Just amazing size and richness to boot. Very few seeds, and easy to peel as well. Doesn't that sound like the perfect paste sauce tomato to you?


click to see fullsized photo **NEW FOR 2018** ~ KANGAROO'S HEART TOMATO ~
Rare Russian oxheart type~

As you know from reading my website, I am a big fan of the animal names that the Russians give to their tomatoes. So of course, I couldn't resist the "Kangaroo's Heart" tomato. It was the earliest fruit to ripen of all my tomato plants this season. Big, solid, meaty fruits, weighing in at 1 pound or more. Very flavorful and especially suitable for making tomato sauce. Most were a lovely heart shape. This variety just kept on going being both the first to ripen in late July, and the last to ripen into Late November! It had very thick skin making it a market grower's dream while also being long season. And the skin peeled off very easily for processing. You will be very pleased that you "hopped to it" and got this great oxheart type tomato.

ONE PACK = 10 of my own fresh organically grown seeds

click to see fullsized photoGILBERTIE PASTE TOMATO

Beloved in the North for sauces, this is another of those long type paste tomatoes that just overreach in flavor. Very Early (I had my first ripe fruit on July 12) and kept up till hard frost. Solid rich red flesh, with virtually no seeds! Most of the fruit was about 6-inches long. Borne on rather short vines about 4 feet tall at most. Gilbertie Paste just makes a perfect tomato sauce. And I should know as I grow out (and cook with over 15 kinds of cooking/paste types. I believe I am only one of two commercial sources of this special heirloom tomato. Due to the very tiny amount of seeds I can only put in smaller amounts per pack.


click to see fullsized photo GEZAHNTE TOMATO ~

You know that big toothy grin you get when you taste a fabulous, sweet, rich tomato? Well, that's what you will be doing when you take your first bite of this delightfully strange yet lovely tomato. The name translates from Swiss as "toothed" and frankly, slices of it reminded me of those wax "teeth" you buy at Halloween. The kids were playing with them and wore them that way. One of my taste testers had this to say ".. doesn't need salt, meaty, solid with fresh garden taste...will be great for sauce or sandwiches." This is considered a paste/sauce type.

Gezahnte hails from Naples Italy originally, but Frau Isabella Buhrer-Keel of Basil, Switzerland, brought it to people's attention. And boy, are we thankful to her! Hence the Swiss/German name. It is an amazingly vigorous grower even though the foliage looks kind of wispy. This was my third tomato to ripen and it kept producing endlessly lovely, pleated fruits all season long. Some of the fruits also get pear shaped, often both shapes on one vine. The thick walled, meaty fruits have very little gel or wetness so they make wonderfully sweet and mild cooking tomatoes. Cut open, they look hollow and that makes them delightful for stuffing as well. I like to fill them with chicken salad or a nice spreadable goat cheese. These firm fruits also hold up very well on the vine so you can wait a few days to pick a large batch all at once for your sauce needs. They lasted all the way through late October here in Amishland- zone 6a. Their unusual pleated look is a real show stopper in the garden and never failed to please and provide visitors with those big toothy grins!

ONE PACK - 20 fresh organcially grown seeds

click to see fullsized photo COLONEL DONELLA'S SUPERB PASTE TOMATO ~

This is the actual name of this tomato and it is so true. This elongated paste cooking tomato hails from Australia. I really don't have much more information than that. I am assuming it came originally via Italy because of the surname. Also it is the classic Italian paste tomato shape. I got my original seeds from a friend. Great firm fruits that grew in clusters that looked like red bananas. This pretty tomato just kept pumping out out all season long. Great sweet, rich flavor. Thick flesh and thin skins make this is a new winner for your cooking and sauce needs.

ONE PACK= 15 fresh organically grown seeds.

click to see fullsized photoTSITRUSOVYY SAD TOMATO ~
(might translate as Citrus Garden? Help me please)~ Russian/Ukrainian heirloom tomato ~ Looks exactly like Lemons!~

Kids will love this little tomato! This is such a fun tomato to grow. Nope, you won't be sad like the name implies, you will be oh-so-happy! Take a gander at my photo, that is how fun filled this fruit is. "Tsitrusovyy Sad tomato" is rather long season especially for a Russian/Ukrainian sort. But it is well worth waiting for. It acts more like a determinate tomato in that it throws out all its fruit at once. The fruits in my photos were collected all in one morning. Just wonderful 3 to 6 ounce juicy, sweet, canary yellow fruits. Thick enough flesh to use for cooking as well. Make some yellow ketchup! Some of my taste testers this summer said it tasted faintly lemony. Each fruit was just perfect, no spots, no splitting or cracking. With the firmness of the fruit plus the sweet taste this will be a good tomato for market growers to consider selling.

ONE PACK = 20 of my own fresh organically grown seeds

click to see fullsized photo OPALKA POLISH PASTE TOMATO aka POLISH TORPEDO~

I had heard so many good things over the years about this heirloom tomato I finally decided to give it a try. Wow, wow, wow! Even better than I expected, especially during this awful summer here in Amishland. 2011 was at first unseasonably cold, then brutally hot with record temperatures and drought. Then when you thought it couldn't get any worse we had record breaking floods. Don't even talk to me about my basement! Anyway, this tomato "torpedoed" its way through it all and "blew up" the competition! Super rich and sweet, just the ultimate cooking and paste tomato. Who knew the Poles liked pasta, eh? Brought to Amsterdam, NY, around 1900 by the Opalka family. The meaty, sweet taste and the way it grows in clusters of 3" by 5" pointy tomatoes keeps everyone coming back year after year. My fruits were dense and heavy with few seeds, weighing in about 9 oz to 11 oz (ounces). Someone described this as "bull's horn shaped" and it truly is, with a big point on the end. Good for cooking, fresh eating, canning and even drying. So I will celebrate this great tomato and say NA ZDROWIE! ("To life!" or "to your health") INCREASED SEED COUNT!

ONE PACK = 15 of my own fresh organically grown seeds

click to see fullsized photo **BACK FOR 2018** AMISH PASTE TOMATO - Genuine PA Amish Heirloom ~ Bigger and Better fruits this year!- Increased Seed amounts !

This is an heirloom tomato discovered in an Amish community in Wisconsin but originally from the Pennsylvania Amish. This is the one that wins nearly every taste test! Prized for its meatiness and coreless interior. It is sweet and juicy and everything nice. Great tomato flavor and can be used as a sauce tomato (or pasta tomato as my friend Tim calls them) but also just super eaten in hand. Amish Paste is a real all purpose tomato and possesses that perfect duality of sweet and acid. Many seed savers regard this one as the ultimate paste tomato of all. Usually Weighing in at 8-10 ounces, this year they sized up to nearly double that and were even more prolific as well. Just world class flavor that was once hidden away in a small Amish community. INCREASED SEED COUNT

ONE PACK = 20 of my own fresh organically grown seeds

click to see fullsized photoclick to see fullsized photo"RED TRIFELE RUSSIAN TOMATO" - aka "RED Truffle Tomato"

Like many of my rare and exclusive Russian and Ukrainian tomato varieties I got my original seed to this from my great Ukrainian gardener friend, Lydmilla. I now am pleased to say I will now be able to offer all 4 of the Russian Trifele type tomatoes. I grew out last year the JAPANESE BLACK TRIFELE or Black Russian Truffel Tomato. Also, my favorite tomato last year, YELLOW TRIFELE TOMATO. This year I will be offering this, the Red version as well as the Pink version. Not only do I love the silly "Schmoo" shape of the Trifele tomatoes, but they are all very solid and meaty with very few seeds. The seeds were nearly all at the pointy top near the stem, the rest of the fruit had little gel or seeds whatsoever. The Red Trifele was early and just kept on pumping out nice, perfect fruits all season long. This Red Trifele tomato like all 3 of the others, is a small, short, compact plant, no more than 4-1/2 feet high. Pretty pear shape, a bit smaller in size than the Pink Trifele with no Fluting, all smooth fruit. They never cracked or got spots or any other blemishes, every fruit was lovely. Good meaty taste perfect for eating out of hand, in salads or for making your own Glasnost Russian Spaghetti Sauce.


click to see fullsized photoSABRE UKRAINIAN HEIRLOOM TOMATO -

click to see fullsized photo

Pointy shape- I grew out this great all purpose heirloom tomato from a few seeds I received in a seed trade from a lady's Grandmother who lives in Ukraine (formerly in Russia). Very compact plants are absolutely prolific with strangely shaped elongated fruit with points on the end.

I have grown other paste type tomatoes with this unusual shape and all have very different flavors. Sabre (think like the shape of a sword or saber) is so meaty and solid fleshed. Virtually no gel and very few seeds. I averaged only 10 seeds per tomato! Perfect thin, bright red skin that peels easily for cooking. It cooked down fast to make the sweetest, richest, thickest tomato sauce. I rate this one of the best cooking tomatoes I have ever tasted, and I have grown out over 100 kinds of tomatoes.

This tomato takes a bit longer to reach its full potential, but is well worth the wait. My official tomato taste tester for 2016, Dave D. (an Italian American who truly adores tomatoes), found this to be the second most wonderful of my tomatoes. He said: "Spectacular flavor!" He felt it was just as good as his season favorite "Summer Cider" and that was eating it raw on a burger even though this is usually considered a paste type cooking tomato. Now that's a tomato!

To the best of my knowledge, this tomato is not available commercially from anyone else in the United States.


click to see fullsized photo **BACK FOR 2018** JAPANESE BLACK TRIFELE aka (in Russian:Tomat Jaapani Trüffel), aka Black Russian Truffel Tomato Scarce ~ Limited quantities - order early

I got my original seed from my Ukrainian gardening friend, Lydmilla. Despite its name, this is Russian tomato! Cute Bartlett pear shaped fruit in a very deep black color with green shoulders. Or, as I personally think, Shmoo shaped. Read my "Yellow Trifele" description to see a photo of a shmoo. Very pretty with absolutely no cracking. My photos only begin to touch on its true beauty. The flavor is that you will truly love, rich and deep like fine quality chocolate. This grew on nearly determinate, short vines and took all kinds of weather with aplomb. I have also the rarer "Yellow Trifele" also from Russia and the Ukraine. I also have the red and pink trifele. I had no idea how wonderful these trifele types are. If you are a chocoholic this is the tomato for you!


click to see fullsized photo YELLOW TRIFELE TOMATO - Scarce Russian Heirloom ~Only USA Source~ Looks like Al Capp's "Schmoo"!- LIMITED QUANTITIES-ORDER EARLY

I absolutely adored these cute bright orangey yellow tomatoes! Talk about prolific. They filled up the smallish vines over and over. Each cute 3- 4 oz fruit was truly perfect. Not a single mark, crack or any defacing at all, just tons of silly little "Shmoo" shaped tomatoes. If you aren't baby boomer age, "Shmoos" were an invention of the comic strip writer Al Capp who did the "Li'l Abner" series. They date back at least to 1949, although I remember them in my childhood in the 50's and 60's. click to see fullsized photo
(See the accompanying picture for the amazing resemblance.) But not only is the "Yellow Trifele" cute is it a great little tomato. It is a super "keeper", keeping fresh and firm for weeks after picking. I think it would make a dream of a market grower's type. Nice light orange colored flesh and sweet taste. They start out lighter yellow and get more golden as they ripen more while still remaining firm. They tend to get slightly green shoulders on some fruit. The trifele is a name that must refer to its unique shape in Russian. I received seeds of the pink, red and black trifele which are all that strange shape. But I only grew out the yellow and black this season. My original seed stock is from my Ukrainian gardening friend, Lydmilla. Look also on my website for her “Japanese Black Trifele" which, despite its name, is Russian. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only commercial seed source of this variety in the USA. Try it first for the laughs and then to enjoy their wonderful long keeping sweetness.

My own 10 organically grown seeds.

click to see fullsized photo ORANGE RUSSIAN 117 TOMATO

This was my favorite new bi-color (striped) tomato that I have ever grown, and believe me, I have grown lots as I adore the striations and marbling . This gorgeous tomato hails from the famous seed bank of the former Soviet Union. This is the first heart shaped (oxheart) tomato ever discovered with stripes. It is bi-colored both outside and inside. Absolutely breathtaking beauty. The taste is fruity, sweet and wonderful. I had very large fruits, mine averaged one pound, although it was described as being 8 oz or more. Very solid meat, scant gel and very few seeds. I am so very pleased to offer this beauty. It was somewhat late to ripen but it is really pumping out fruit now even in the cold, I guess that's its Russian genes. This was the tomato more people commented on in my gardens than any other this season.

My own 10 organically grown seeds.

click to see fullsized photo OLD IVORY EGG TOMATO

Egg-zactly perfect for snacking and cooking! - Yep, it looks just like a chicken egg. Same size and shape and quite white until it ripens a bit and gets more creamy yellow. When really ripe it gets a slightly pink blush to it. Just gorgeous. At 1" by 2" it really is like growing your own Easter eggs. Of all the so-called egg shaped tomatoes this is the real deal. I'm so egg-cited about this little white baby.

Supposedly sent to the USA by a Swedish seed saver, I had no idea that Sweden had their own tomatoes, but I have to say it was very cold hardy in early spring. This was my earliest tomato of the 2012 season. It kept pumping out so many fruits I couldn't even begin to keep up to save the seeds! I mean prolific doesn't even begin to describe the quantity of gorgeous fruits on only a few plants!! I bet I was picking a gallon a day when they started ripening. And such sweet fruity flavor, vaguely lemony, not tart lemons but sweet lemonade, ya know? Egg-cellent flavor that is rare in so white a tomato. It is a very unusual color for a plum type tomato too. Old Ivory Egg would make a terrific white tomato sauce or a super  "salsa blanco." Try this tomato - it might be egg-zactly what you have been looking for, especially if you are egg-centric.INCREASED SEED COUNT!

ONE PACK = 20 fresh organically grown seeds

click to see fullsized photo STRIPED or SPECKLED ROMAN TOMATO

Wowie Zowie! You won't ever see another Italian paste type tomato like this one! Stunning & unique, long pointed red fruit have wavy golden stripes! This tomato was the one that caught everyone's eye in my garden. Everyone wanted this tomato! Be the first to have this showy fruit for your garden. They are a perfect mid-size fruit, with brilliant color and exotic markings. Very meaty flesh with excellent sweet flavor. They have very few seeds, so I have a very limited quantity of seed. This great variety was developed by John Swenson from a stabilized cross of Antique Roman and Banana Legs. He called it Speckled Roman. INCREASED SEED COUNT!

ONE PACK = 15 of my own fresh organically grown seeds

click to see fullsized photo ROUGHWOOD GOLDEN PLUM TOMATO

Determinate- This is a wonderful all purpose, fresh eating, salad and cooking tomato. My original seeds came to me via William Woys Weaver, author of "HEIRLOOM VEGETABLE GARDENING" and "100 VEGETABLES AND WHERE THEY COME FROM." He developed this variety himself. It is his stable cross of Yellow Brandywine with San Marzano Paste. Drought resistant and also white fly resistant. But the flavor and the impressive golden color are what really makes this tomato stand out! It is the most intense deep gold color, almost glowing. The neighbors will come over to stare at them as they beam their bright golden light out from relatively short vines.

10 of my own fresh organically grown seeds.

click to see fullsized photoclick to see fullsized photo GOLDMANS' ITALIAN-AMERICAN TOMATO~
Maybe the Best Paste Tomato of All!

I have heard wondrous stories about this heirloom tomato and finally grew it out this season. Mama Mia! What a stupendous cooking tomato!! This heirloom comes from Dr. Amy Goldman, author of the best tomato book in the world "The Heirloom Tomato" which I make reference to all over my website. She describes it on page 130 of  her book, as "voluptuous, red-ribbed, and very heavy in the hips. "The original tomato was discovered by her at a roadside grocery near Villa d'Este in Cernobbio, Italy in 1999. Dr. Goldman named it after her father's Brooklyn grocery store. She refers to it in Italian as  "Poma amoris fructu rubro" which I loosely translate as "red love apple fruit." There just doesn't seem to enough superlatives to use for this monster pear shaped beauty. It is way beyond richly flavored and cooks down to make the thickest sauces ever. Juicy and meaty and unlike those puny other tomatoes usually used for tomato sauce, these fruits are huge and heavy.

My friend, "Tomato Queen" Laurel says on her tomato plant website ".. it makes silky sauce, creamy paste and adds magic to soups and stews." Check out her site. She uses many of my rare seeds to grow out her plants.

Weighing in at nearly a pound each you won't need many for your cooking needs. But guess what? This is one prolific plant-just a pasta tomato machine! It kept on pumping out these sultry curvatious beauties all season long. It was one of my earliest plants and one of the last to stop. I had fruit up until late September in my Amishland garden

Not to brag (but, ok, I will) I made sublime "Nevada Style Chile" using these Goldman's Italian-American Tomatoes in my own baked tomato sauce recipe as the base (see recipe section on my website). So if you are the kind of gardener who makes all their own tomato or spaghetti sauce this tomato is for you! But it is still a great eating out of hand tomato as well, you don't have to cook it to enjoy it. I have vowed never to have a garden without "Goldman's Italian-American Tomato" ever again! So, serve your fantastically rich tomato sauce and toast your friends and family "Cent'anni" (A hundred years of good health). INCREASED SEED COUNT

ONE PACK = 20 of my own fresh organically grown seeds

click to see fullsized photo MARTIN'S AMISH/ MENNONITE TOMATO

I got this heirloom Pennsylvania German (PA Dutch) tomato from an Old Order Mennonite neighbor, Mr. Martin about 12 years ago, near Reamstown PA. He said he got it from his Amish neighbors, so who knows if it is really Amish or Mennonite (a religious sect similar to the Amish. The Old Order Mennonites also use horse and buggies and farm with horses, and are very conservative as well). I grow this every year, it is one of my "staple" tomatoes. Smallish vines are about 5 feet tall, which are kind of bushy. They throw out tons of perfect red, egg shaped meaty fruit, suitable for use as a paste type for cooking but with a great sweetness that is super just out of hand or in salads and salsas. Every single fruit is perfect and it is very resistant to disease and bugs. You can't get an easier to grow tomato or one that is more useful in so many different ways. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only one selling this special local variety of tomato.
10 of my own fresh organically grown seeds.

click to see fullsized photo**BACK FOR 2018**HOWARD GERMAN TOMATO
~VERY RARE~Local Pennsylvania Heirloom

The locals here in Amish country also call them "Pepper Tomatoes". I have never seen these exact same tomatoes grown anywhere else. Prolific harvests of 5-1/2 inch long, weirdly pointed paste tomatoes that weigh about 5 - 8 ounces (although this year they were huge and averaged more like 10- 14 ounces). These are very meaty with a good, rich flavor. They have virtually no seeds, maybe 6 or so per fruit. An old scarce variety great for canning, paste, or sauces. Also delicious right off the vine in salads. Just the best all purpose tomato I have ever grown. Very resistant to disease and bugs, as well. Still seen here in Amish country, but elsewhere it is a really rare tomato.




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